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Why Verified Reviews are Your B2B Game-Changer

In today's digital age, 94% of B2B buyers say reviews from industry peers are an important factor in their purchasing decisions. Even in specialized sectors like decarbonization, verified customer reviews offer a level of trust and validation that can't be achieved through traditional marketing. They not only influence buying decisions but also reduce the sales cycle, making them an indispensable asset in your marketing and sales toolkit.

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Get to the next level with Qurator's Premium Review Solutions

Amplify the power of your customer testimonials
Don't just collect reviews; make them work for you. Use the authentic voices of your customers within your website and marketing campaigns to amplify your brand's message.
Qurator-Verified Reviews: Your Credibility Boost
Elevate your brand's trustworthiness instantly with Qurator-verified reviews. Our verification adds an extra layer of authenticity, making your brand more appealing to potential buyers.
Unlock Crucial Customer Insights 
Do you know what exactly sets your brand apart in the eyes of your customers? Combine Qurator analytics with custom review questions to gain the insights you need for business success.
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Our Review Services

With Qurator's premium review services, collecting reviews is a breeze.

Review collection

We conduct interviews, transcribe them, and your review section gets populated effortlessly.

Question customization

Go beyond generic questions by adding custom questions, allowing for deeper insights and more personalized feedback.

Video Testimonials

Showcase your customer feedback not just in text, but in engaging video formats too.

Celebrate Your Success with Qurator's Client Review Awards

Qurator wants to celebrate your good work! Based on your client reviews, stand a chance to be shortlisted for awards in various categories. Award recipients will receive press exposure as well as accompanying marketing materials, such as award badges, that can be used in your own marketing efforts. These are tangible, easy-to-recognise proof points that allow you to stand out from the competition.
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