Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.
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What is a decarbonization solution?

A decarbonizationsolution refers to any technology, method, product or service designed to lower or eliminate carbon dioxide emissions. One single company may offer multiple solutions that address the needs across different industries.

Who are the buyers of decarbonization solutions?

Buyers of decarbonization solutions are typically businesses, industrial bodies or governmental entities seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. By purchasing decarbonization solutions, these entities aim to meaningfully reduce the emissions within their value chains.

Do you serve B2B or B2C customers?

We primarily focus on B2B customers, but the platform is open, and we do not restrict access to anyone.

How can authentic customer reviews help decarbonization vendors?

According to G2 2021 Software Buyer Behavior Report, 86% of the buyers use peer-review sites when buying software. Customer reviews and ratings are among the top 5 types of content buyers use to make software purchasing decisions, according to Gartner 2023 Global Software Buying Trends.

Even though this data is only for software, it is clear how public product review websites which highlight the experience of peers play a positive role in motivating B2B buying.

Since many decarbonization vendors struggle with convincing potential buyers of their capabilities, whether they can deliver at the required scale, reviews can help establish trust towards their company and team.

Does Qurator trade carbon credits?

No – we focus on empowering buyers and vendors of decarbonization solutions to find one another in the most efficient and intuitive way possible. That being said, it is entirely possible that some of the vendors listed on Qurator include carbon credits and offsetting within their portfolio of products and services.

What is a decarbonization solution vendor?

A decarbonizationvendor is a company that offers the abovementioned decarbonization solutions.It can be a company of any size (start-up, scale up or large).

Is Qurator a marketplace?

Qurator is an online platform that accelerates decarbonization solution scouting and allows for verified customer reviews. While we don't monitor or process any transactions on our platform, we share many characteristics with typical marketplaces, in which buyers and vendors find one another. Hence, for simplicity sake, we loosely characterise us as a marketplace.

How does the review structure work? What if there are not many reviews?

Most of the decarbonization projects require heavy project implementation involving several parties. Even proof-of-concept or pilot projects might take months, if not years to see the results. For that reason, we will focus on having in-depth, high-quality reviews that cover the technology, team, project management – essentially anything that showcases the value of the company.

Can a company be both a buyer and vendor?

Yes, of course. If you are a company providing solutions that contribute to lowering emissions but at the same time work with other vendors to lower your organizations’ own carbon footprint, you can have both profiles.

Does Qurator charge a “listing fee” for vendors?

Listing your company and decarbonization solution on Qurator, as well as collecting reviews, is free. We do offer premium paid plans for companies that would like more flexibility with their profiles, and gain more insights into their profile traffic. See what we offer with our premium plans here.