The Future of Sales is Intent-Driven

With Qurator’s Intent Data, you can identify, engage, and convert prospects who are ready to buy your decarbonization solutions.

What Does "Intent Data" Really Mean?

Intent data is the digital footprint left by potential buyers as they interact with websites like Qurator. Imagine you could peek at what your potential customers are searching for, what solutions they are evaluating, what company they are comparing you with, and what content they are engaging with. That's what intent data does—it gives us clues about what potential customers are likely to buy or invest in.

Boost Your Sales ROI

With intent data, you can understand your potential customers better and tailor your sales pitch to their needs. By offering solutions truly relevant for them, you increase the chances of closing the deal.
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Boost your marketing ROI with Qurator data
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Turn Interest into Sales with Retargeting

Intent data lets you identify who has been looking at the profiles of yours or your competitors'. Address this audience in your ad campaigns in a timely fashion to capture audience interest at its peak and make your campaigns more effective.
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Keep Your Customers, Stop the Churn

Don't wait for customers to leave before taking action. Intent data helps you spot the signs that they're considering alternatives, be it direct competitors or alternative solution categories, allowing you to address their concerns before it's too late.
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Stop the churn with Qurator's Intent Data

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